Sailing and other motorless activities


The Maison des Lacs located in Mesnil Saint Père includes the sailing school and the sailing associations.

Sailing is one of the main activities on the Lac d'Orient. Come discover an healthy and convivial outdoor sport, that by the diversity of the equipment, is suitable for all ages and every type of public.


The Lac d'Orient is open to diving for the Aube Department clubs and the external clubs after authorization of Departmental Diving Committee.

Windsurf and Kitesurf

The windsurf and the kitesurf practices are authorized on water from the 1st week-end in march to the 3rd week-end of october after the payment of the navigation contract to the harbour office of Mesnil Saint Père.

Pedal boats and Canoe

These leisure activities are proposed on this wonderful lake on the beaches of Mesnil Saint Père and Géraudot.

Rental of electric boats

Come discover boating passion in harmony with nature. Enjoy moments of relaxation stress-free away from the fast work.

Enjoy contact with your family and friends by having the chance to hear about browsing.

Open daily in July and August. Off season, week end only.

The Cruises

Ride in boat on the Lac d'Orient one of the most beautiful lake in France.

Commented visit in real time by microcomputing, during one hour in electric boat of 120 places.

Discovery the lake, the history of the region and operation of the lake, the impact on wildlife.